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Take a Shower and Get Dressed


  • Since I grow a beard as well, I’ll also shave on Mondays and Thursdays. It helps with feeling clean and ready to go for the day!
  • Having a fun dress-up day or special event day during the week can help break up the tedium. I know of places that do talent shows or pick a clothing style or theme for the day and show off their stuff on remote calls, and participation is totally optional.
  • I’m personally not a dino onesie person, but I’d totally be down with some bunny onesie PJs. For obvious reasons.


Take a Show and Get Dressed!

Showering and dressing serve two purposes:

  • It’s a clear separation between “work” and “not work”…
  • …and you get tired of PJ’s pretty quick!

(but maybe a once-a-week PJ’s day would be a fun initiative!)