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Rubber Duck Debugging


Rubber Duck Debugging is a useful tool. Simply having to explain a thing to even an inanimate object can help you work through your thought process. It’s also useful for things that aren’t strictly code, like with UIs. There are even times where I’ll go onto an extended PM chat with someone, solve my problem without them saying a word, and then send them a rubber duck emoji for their trouble. It’s a powerful tool!


If you don’t have a duck, you can use this one!


Bamboo is at his laptop

OK, here’s the branch – wait…I left a debug statement in…

OK, now lemme show you…

Ugh, this button’s the wrong color. Hang on…

Bamboo types

OK, got that fixed…and now it’s not clicking.

Ugh…well I’ve got a lot of fixes to make…

Bamboo has a video chat up with a silent, inanimate rubber duck on the other end.

Thanks for your help!