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Computers: From 16 to 36


First of all, enjoy your first poop jokes of the comic.

Second, no, I’m not a huge fan of cryptocurrency. If that’s your thing, cool, but it’s just not for me.

Third, a red-and-blue thick striped shirt with a white collar in my comics always indicates a character from ages 12-16.

Fourth, that is an Amiga 2000 that Bamboo is using. He was an avid Amiga user.


Back when I was a kitten, I thought computers were these magical devices..

…that would unlock creativity and communication in new and wonderful ways… and we totally got that!

But 13 year old me didn’t expect…

Arctic Wolf CEO - “…the first ICO for a truly unhackable cryptocurrency!”

What does the VULPCOIN say about SECURITY

Military grade RS-232 v.54 68040 ENCRYPTION

And when they say our devides aren’t listening in on us constantly…

Bamboo panting and sweating

Phone - “I’ve ordered more quad-ply toilet paper…and I’ve blocked delivery orders from Los Pimientos Picantes for the next week until you…um…recover.”

We know better.

Bamboo breathes

No cynicism. Additive and positive.

Phone, be useful and find me an old Amiga 2000 for under 150 Vulpcoin…

And I don’t care what you think…

I’m ordering from Los Poblanos Picantes for dinner. So you’d better turn off your mics tomorrow morning, because you are not going to want to Machine Learn from that experience…

Phone - “That’s what he thinks.”