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A Greymuzzle Programmer


This interaction is nearly verbatim, but with “greybeard” instead of “greymuzzle”.

Bamboo is definitely a greymuzzle.


Bamboo - “…I’m really motivated from that talk. I think I’ve got a lot to say about software development. I’ve been at it for twenty years now…”

Shark - “Sounds awesome!”

Bamboo - “I’m basically and old greymuzzle now…I’ll work that into the title, show others what awaits them mid-career.”

Shark - “…maybe you should use a different term?”

Bamboo - “…oh. OK.”

Shark - “Not that it’s, like, bad, but, you know…”

Shark - “Lots of us readers don’t have muzzles!”

Bamboo - “Huh, good point.”