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Learning a new programming language - The animation!

July 12, 2020

It took a while, but I finally finished my first animated short for Rabbit with 1000 Repos. This is for one of my first comics, Language Learning.

As with most of my art, it was done using a lot of open source software:

  • Krita for the hand-drawn animation and assets
  • Audacity for recording and cleaning up audio
  • Papagayo for breaking down audio into mouth movements
    • I forked the C++ version and merged in a ton of commits from others over the years. Before I start on the next animation I’ll get a proper release done..
  • Inkscape for titles
  • Synfig for assembling the animated pieces into rendered scenes
  • Kdenlive for assembling the scenes into the finished video

Now that I have a solid process for making animated pieces using the current state-of-the-art in open source art tools, I’ll be splitting time between making comics and animations.