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About Rabbit with 1000 Repos

About this comic

I've been a software developer for over 20 years. I've worked in a couple of different places, usually on web-focused projects. After attending a talk at a conference about software developer demographics and how the average experience level of developers is, on average, under 5 years, and after a bunch of conversations with less-experienced developers at the conference, I decided to start this comic.

This comic isn't necessarily about technology. While I may talk about particular programming languages or paradigms or other hard tech things, I'm more interested lately in things like productivity, relationships, management, planning, and morality in the software industry.

This doesn’t mean that Bamboo here can’t crank out some code, however.

I also decided to make the comic entirely populated by animals because I haven’t done much animal drawing before and I wanted to try something new.

I hope you enjoy it!